quarta-feira, maio 27, 2009

Dear fellow activist!

We are socialists grassroots and we are promoting a call for a new EU commission President.

The European Parliament will elect the next European Commission. We, the voters on June 7 do not only decide the composition of the European Parliament, we also decide upon the driving seat of the EU: The European Commission. The composition of the executive EU body – the European Commission – has to reflect the vote of us EU citizens on June 7.

We call for the PES to build a new progressive majority with a strong Commission President.

We demand respect for our democratic rights! We demand that the Presidency of the European Council makes sure that the European Governments nominate a Commission President that reflects the majority in the European Parliament.

You can:
sign our PETITION
get engaged in our cause on FB
and express your support with a comment .

Thank you!!

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