sexta-feira, novembro 30, 2007

International pole

Dear friends,
This week in Annapolis, US President George W Bush announced a fresh Middle East peace process. Israel and the Palestinian Authority will "make all efforts" to reach a final agreement by the end of 2008. More meetings are planned in Paris, Moscow and the region. But are these talks a major advance toward peace, or a dangerous smokescreen?
Today, we're launching a global interactive poll -- to see if we, citizens around the world, can do any better. Together we will decide the direction of a powerful global campaign on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the coming months, pressing leaders on all sides to make the changes necessary for peace. Just click below to participate in the poll (it should take around 3 minutes), or to view other people's responses:
This poll will decide Avaaz's course on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- an urgent global crisis where hope may soon run out. Many diplomats are warning of "devastating consequences" if this peace process is not genuine. But each of us has the chance to make our voice heard, and to act.
There are already over one and a half million people in the Avaaz network. Coming together in this interactive poll, many thousands of us around the world can share our views and look for consensus on the way forward. Some discussions can be difficult. But it's important to have them, and to listen to each other, because then our campaigning together will become all the stronger.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an old problem -- but we are a new global force for democracy. If we can no longer rely on the politicians, generals and diplomats, maybe people power can help tackle the dynamics that have undermined peace before. We can hold our leaders accountable for doing better. And if we agree a way forward, our campaigning could achieve a lot more.
It all starts with this interactive poll -- so click below to share what you think, and find out what others have said:
With hope and determination,
Paul, Galit, Ricken, Graziela, Pascal and the rest of the Avaaz team

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