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European democracy and diversity

European democracy and diversity
There were actually two fringe meeting dedicated to European democracy and diversity, one o the diversity subject, another on democracy. Zita Gurmai chaired both sessions.
With a good audience, the first hour was dedicated to the diversity problems that Europe is feeling today, mainly the ones regarding minority rights. The main idea was that if all the known laws were attended, the minority rights problem would never exists. It is a matter of enforcing policies that already are written. On this topic we call your attention to the contribution delivered by the Rainbow Rose organization, a guest at the Council.
Another topic was the value fight that we, socialists, are losing to the right wing parties, mainly because of its strategy to create think tanks, focus groups and so on dedicated to the construction of a political discourse. This articulated move, going on for the past 30 years, have already create an intellectual and political elite without the socialist counterpart. The idea of a European Foundation came in support if this undisputable need.
The second sessions was dedicated to «democracy», and I liked very much the intervention of a Spanish MEP, Carlos Carnero, who spoke about the necessity of creating an European party, to bring more Europe to the common citizen. He gave also the idea of presenting a Commission President candidate, supported by PES in 2009, as well as the candidate exchange experience that could exist in the next European elections.
With a lively and participated debate (where I also intervened) the session was closed and people were send to their hotels to freshen up to be presentable at the reception that will take place in 15 minutes.
Needless to say that yours truly is not going to the hotel, will not change or freshen up or anything else, and if he doesn’t finish this text soon he will miss the reception.
So… from Sofia we close the report for the day.

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