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Manifesto 2009

Dear PES activist networkers,

I’m Rikke, the editor of Yourspace – the website of the open consultation for the PES 2009 manifesto. I know you’ve been contacted previously by Nils, our activist coordinator, and now I’m following up to hear how your experience with the website has been. Do you have any feedback or thoughts you would like to share regarding http://ww.manifesto2009.pes.org?

We are working really hard to get in touch with socialists and social democrats all over Europe and it would be a great help if you would mention Yourspace on your blog or forward this e-mail to your friends. You can download banners and buttons here:

If you’re up for some commenting, here are a few of our most popular posts:

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Democracy & diversity: PES activists in Brussels: more democracy, please!

EU in the world: Russia and managed democracy

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Rikke Skovgaard Andersen
Web editor - Yourspace

Party of European Socialists

Rue du Trône, 98
B-1050 Brussels

T +32 2 548 90 42
F +32 2 230 17 66

Welcome to‘Yourspace’: an open consultation by the Party of European Socialists on priorities and progressive policies for the manifesto of the European elections in June 2009. http://manifesto2009.pes.org


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