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Manifesto 2009

Dear Activist,

Swedish Social Democrat Leader Mona Sahlin has agreed to take part in the first PES Yourspace manifesto2009 YouTube debate! When? On Wednesday 24 October at 6pm!

How does it work? You submit your question to Mona Sahlin either in video on our Yourspace YouTube channel or as written question by email. She will give her answers on Wednesday afternoon and we will put the videos online by Thursday.

Mona Sahlin is leading the discussion in the PES on the ‘Save our Planet’ manifesto theme. So she is looking for questions and comments on climate change, environmental protection, renewable energy, how to achieve a fossil-fuel free society and any other issue which you believe is important for her to take into account.

For more information on the PES Youspace ‘save our planet’ theme see
For more information on how to upload a video on our YouTube channel see
To see our YouTube channel go to

Send a written question to Mona Sahlin to if you are unable to send a video.

It’s Yourspace – please use it

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