segunda-feira, fevereiro 25, 2008

Seventh European Social Science History Conference

Esta semana vou andar por aqui

Em específico vou estar nestes dois paineis:

L-1 - POL01: Postwar Europe. Room 5.1

Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations
Chair: Ido de HaanDiscussant: Ido de Haan

Diogo Moreira, José Reis Santos & José Tavares Castilho Parliamentary Elites and Political Regime: Theoretical Implications of the Portuguese Case

Sophie Bollen Unworthy to Serve the Nation. The professional purge of the government administration after Word War II in Belgium.

Maria Kyriakidou, Sotiris Themistokleous The ‘invisible’ resistance and the long road to democratization in post-war Greece

Liesbeth van de Grift From Fascism to Communism – The ‘purificaton’ of the security apparatus in Romania (1944-1948)

Russel Lemmons “Fight like Thälmann:” The April 1986 Dedication of the Ernst Thälmann Memorial,Political Memory and Legitimacy in the German Democratic Republic

L-2 - POL23: European citizenship and civil society II. Room 5.1

Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations
Chair: Jose Reis SantosDiscussant: Jose Reis Santos

Maryse Ramambason Democratization in Russia The 1993 Constitutional Conference : The stakes of the installation of a new space of deliberations

Daniel Melo The third sector and the city: public policies, citizenship, and sustainability in Portugal

Veit Bader Conplex legitimacy in ‘compound polities’: the case of the EU

Anne van Wageningen Citizens as members of a state; an institutional approach concerning multiple citizenship

Thomas Pfister From activated to active citizenship. The need for participatory citizenship practices in new modes of governance

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