quinta-feira, dezembro 13, 2007

PES Activists,

Dear friend,
Thank you very much for trying to take part in PES Council. We are very happy with the outcome as all PES member parties gave their support to the PES manifesto campaign and to our ambition for a common 2009 election programme.
Resolutions on climate change, on financial markets and on the EU and the international scene were adopted. Along the way we proved that lively debates and strong common positions can go hand in hand.
Unfortunately the weather didn’t want to join this success story, and a heavy fog over Sofia badly hit the airport before, during and after PES Council. The result was that many party leaders, delegates, journalists and PES activists could not reach Sofia.
I regret that they were forced on a tiring odyssey of delays, re-routing and cancellations. I would like to apologize to all PES activists who tried to reach Sofia and who were finally forced to return home without being able to participate.
I know you tried and I really appreciate your effort and commitment. Your presence was missed but your effort did not go unnoticed. In the end only 15 of more than 50 registered PES activists for Council were able to make it.
I would like to thank those who were there as you have represented PES activists very actively and very ably. The PES and all delegates appreciated your input as grassroots representatives and your presence was another important step in strengthening the PES as a major player in European politics which is connected to the people and takes their needs seriously.
I hope the PES will benefit from your support for future events. You are our strength and provide us with inspiration and encouragement
With socialist regards,
Philip Cordery

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