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Vienna - apresentação

[Texto do Carlos Moret publicado aqui]

The Vienna forum was a very rich encounter. As for me the presentation of activist campaigning was especially interesting, since I tend to get easily involved. On the one hand there is the manifesto2009, well under way that gives us a common platform for the parliamentary elections, but that does not give me clues as how to campaign. The Manifesto is an excellent tool, but we have to sell it.

In the presentation "Experience Europe - Cross-border campaign exchanges" the panel was formed by four activists presenting different aspects of their campaigning in Ireland, Spain, Portugal and France.

Adrian O'Sullivan presented us his experience with PES activists coming to Ireland to help in their election. I wasn't planning to make a report, and therefore took no notes, just took pictures. Adrian mentioned that integrating the non Irish activists was a priority. There were the logistic aspects, picking them up at the airport, finding the most suited accomodation, and, very important, the pub. The pub is the first step to get into Irish culture. Door to door campaigning is popular in Ireland, guest activists were teamed with Irish; guests were appreciated and gave a european dimension to the campaign. I really regretted not having been able to take part, but we had our own campaigns in France.

Francisco Polo presented the PES activists campaign for the reelection of Zapatero. The campaign had two slogans, or rather a logo which was " ^^" which played with Zapatero's eyebrows and an upwards progressive policy, and a slogan "PAZ" (Peace) which were the first letters of the "Plataforma de Apoyo a Zapatero" (Platform of Zapatero supporters). This platform initially formed by personalities of all walks of life, extended to groups such as Women for Zapatero, Handicapped groups, Gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals, bisexuals etc. Internet campaigners and finally Europe with Zapatero coordinated by Francisco. He then invited PES activists to join, and they flocked to Madrid. Once the campaign finished, Francisco realized the need to organize PES activists through Spain, and shortly after he counted up to 2.000 members. Cataluña was already organizing and working on the manifesto.

José Reis Santos presented how Portugal's activists worked on the manifesto. The PES and the manifesto are about working together instead of each one in his own corner. Their idea was great, each manifesto subject was worked upon in different places and then put together in one.

Aleksander Glogowsky presented what was done in France namely in Paris. There is a well organized Federal Commission in Paris, with not only French members, but also from the SPD, PD, PSOE, SPÖ, PS Portugal, Labour and other Parties. Paris being a cosmopolitan city has many foreign communities, we therefore

campaign for other nationals to vote in elections of their national countries. Marches are organized, and leafleting at places where nationals from other member state citizens meet; Alexander pointed out that in the municipal elections of last March there were 28 candidates from other European countries, two of which were not French nationals.

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Vera Santana disse...

Este Forum foi entusiasmante. Uma esperança enorme para a Europa. Um futuro caminho para manter um wellfare state e para o alargar para mais pessoas. Para já, no único lugar do mundo onde ele existe: na Europa.

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