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Vital Moreira is nº. 1 in the Portuguese list to the European Elections.

PES activists Portugal had the opportunity to be at the Portuguese Socialist Party Congress. This Congress was held this week-end in Espinho, in the north of Portugal, and we had the pleasure of sharing a stand with PES. We printed some materials (namely the cubes in Portuguese) and it was with joy that we saw the vast interested in our work, in the European dimension of politics and in the next European campaign.
The Congress was general dominated by internal politics. And that was expected, as 2009 will be the «year of all elections». Nevertheless, the Portuguese Socialist Party took the opportunity to announce his top candidate to the European Elections Saturday night. And, after some speculation, the Portuguese socialist party announced Vital Moreira as the next head of the list to the present at the Europarliament elections, next June.
After some days of expectation, the name of Vital Moreira surprised only because he was not one of the regularly names indicted by the Portuguese media, as were the ones of Luis Amado, Freitas do Amaral or Edite Estrela. We taked with José Lello, responsible for the International Relations of the Portuguese Socialist party, and a member of the PS Secretariat, that said that it was the «right, coherent and influent choice». We agree.
Vital Moreira is a known academic from Coimbra University, specialist in Constitutional Law, with a long record of public intervention on the area of democratic socialism and in the blogosphere (he is one of the main authors of Causa Nossa, an important collective blog in the Portuguese blogosphere community; Ana Gomes, Portuguese MEP also writes in Causa Nossa). Although today he presents himself as an independent scholar and left wing political commentator, his personal political evolution drove him from the orthodox Portuguese Communist Party in the mid-70’s to the democratic socialism in the 90’s.
Vital Moreira said, in his acceptance speech, that it was the right time to accept the invitation of José Socrates, as today Europe has the opportunity to change and to move from the right wing politics that have been dominated the European political landscape towards a new direction that could bring a more balanced and socially aware Europe. A direction lead by the socialists, social-democrats and labour political forces.
Joel Hasse Ferreira, Portuguese MEP, commented that «Vital Moreira is a positive choice, as he is someone with high intellectual capacity, a profound knowledge of European affairs and a personal parliamentary vocation. He is highly competent in the domain of European construction and has high social and economical sensitivity, important to deal with European issues».
The presentation of Vital Moreira was the main European headline from the Congress of the Portuguese Socialist Party; a Congress that reelected José Socrates as the leader of the party and that gave him all the conditions to present himself the at the general elections later on the year. In his speech, Socrates reminded the importance of the European elections in the context of the Portuguese political cycle. Portugal will held, in 2009, European, General and Local elections.
As for the PES activists stand, we claim success, as we finished all our material (PES cube in 3 formats and postcards) and managed to obtain more than 150 new inscriptions.

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