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Oana Mizil | Ioan Mircea Pascu | Nicolae Banicioiu | Ionut Sibian (from Twitter)

Oana Mizil is now the speaker. I have to use a head set to listen to the translation.talks about the importance of the presentation of the manifesto in Romania. Talk also about the importance that Romania could have in europa goes on to talk about the energy problem in Europa, and how Romania can help in that domain it is important to try and put into action the Lisboa Treaty, and emphasizes the importance of a stronger foreign policy for the EU Mizil just finish, the last thoughts were to to importance of the EU relations with India, China and other countries, like Italy. applauses
new speaker. Ioan Mircea Pascu. MEP. follows the international relations theme. focus on italy and the Romanian diaspora. it is important to integrate the Romanian Diaspora in the life of the European Union. Romania achieve some of its primal goals when it entered the European Union and NATO. We need another project, we need to keep looking. although Romania is the 7th country in Europe, it is not the 7th voice. something is lacking. something is needed. A new project as to appear big applause.
new speaker. Nicolae Banicioiu. President of TSD, the youth organization. follows the lead of Ioan Pascu. talks about Italy and Diaspora
(edin trebinjac - from Bosnia - just mentioned that there is only one women on the speakers table. 7 men.) Banicioiu goes on to say that the European elections are important for the PES, as they want to capitalize on the last general elections
(Edin noticed that the only women just left. we have now a full men table).
New speaker. Ionut Sibian, from FDSC, the biggest Romanian NGO. It is very common here to have NGO's invited to political debates. talks mainly about international cooperation. Reminds people that the EU is the 2nd worldwide contributor to international aid all EU countries want 0.7% of PIB to go to international aid. this money should go into Africa, Asia or other poor countries it is also important that some money goes into transparency institutions. Also Afghanistan and other war theatres were Romania has troops, are important places to aid. Especially in their reconstruction policy. romania should, then, have an active part in the EU; creating and developing contact networks for international aid.

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