domingo, novembro 02, 2008

Last days

José --

Students and young people have played a larger role in this campaign than in any other campaign in history.

We have just days to go, and your work is more important than ever.

We've put together a video documenting some of the work young people have done in the last 21 months as part of this movement for change.

Watch the video, then sign up to help get us over the finish line.

For too long, the power of the young people in politics has been dismissed. But this is your election.

Students have been the number one donors to this campaign, and young people are the driving force behind field and get out the vote operations.

You've already changed political campaigns. Now it's time to change the nation.

Watch the video and be part of this movement for change in the final days.

Our future will be determined in the next few days, and you can make the crucial difference.

Thank you for all you're doing,

Students for Obama

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