domingo, novembro 02, 2008

Last days

José --
When you look back on Election Day years from now, you'll tell your friends and family that this was the moment you helped make history.You could also have a story to share about how you were right in the middle of it at the big Election Night event in Chicago.You could be one of 5 first-time donors to go backstage on Election Night, as long as you give -- in any amount -- before Sunday at midnight.If you're selected, you and a guest will be flown to Chicago, put up in a hotel, and given a front row seat to history.
And if you make a donation of $30 or more today, you'll also receive a "Change the World" T-shirt.
This election will come down to what we do -- or don't do -- in the next few days.John McCain and the Republican National Committee had $20 million more in the bank than our campaign and the DNC combined as of October 15th. They are pouring it into crucial battleground states, and we're facing an onslaught of negative attacks.Your support will have a huge impact.Step up during this historic moment, and you could be there on Election Night.Will you donate $30 or more today?As a bonus, we'll send you a special edition Change the World T-shirt
Everything we've worked nearly two years for will be decided between now and Tuesday, November 4th.
Let's make history,
Obama for America

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