quarta-feira, outubro 13, 2010

Especulação sobre a viabilidade do comércio interestelar

A Fast Fast Rocket to a Far Far Place….

The logical quandary is that at any time in the foreseeable future, technological growth would out-pace our current technological ability so that crossing the great void would make no sense. At anytime in the foreseeable future this would only get worse.

It has been pointed out that if you went to the stars you would find humans, who left much later there to greet you. And YOUR trade goods would be antiques. They in turn had found humans who left even later, there to greet them, who in turn….etc. The first guy to leave Earth for Alpha Centuri would be greeted by the guys who left the week before he arrived at Alpha Centuri. What kept you?…and no we don’t want any of that ancient crap you’re hauling.

We might as well stay home.

(Eric M. Jones)

Este texto provém dos comentários a este post de Steven D. Levitt, que por sua vez foi respondido por Paul Krugman (aqui).

As caixas de comentários, às vezes, contêm coisas maravilhosas...

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