terça-feira, janeiro 20, 2009


Dear friends,
Be part of history! Watch Obama’s historic inauguration with Avaaz members around the world:
Click here!
When Barack Obama was elected President, hundreds of thousands of us sent messages to the global Avaaz Obama wall erected in Washington DC. This time for the inauguration, Avaaz is creating a virtual wall with our first ever online global community meeting. Click here to see the extraordinary coverage we’ve achieved so far and join the discussion as we view Obama's inauguration live on Tuesday January 20.
The speech event will occur from 11AM New York, 2PM Rio, 5PM Geneva, 12AM (Wed) Hong Kong. Click here to see the hub page where we'll be able to make comments, take polls, send Obama a message while we watch the speech on our site, live and direct - the discussion has already begun.
This new president is a chance to put an end to years of failed US Administration policy - and to celebrate the possibilities of hope. The expectations for Obama are high and the pressures on him to stop short of his campaign promises are powerful. But together our push for real change -- as well as inspiring words -- has only just begun. Catch other Avaaz members online at our global meeting place as together we plan how to work with and influence the new Obama government.
Some of us might be at work when Obama speaks, some at home in front of the TV, but either way it will be inspiring to keep the computer open to the Avaaz hub page and share this moment with Avaaz members around the world. The Obama hub is already humming with ideas and comments -- we can join the online conversation now by clicking here.
Movements are built on moments. And our movement for a better world has something to celebrate with the election of Obama. He has promised to reverse President Bush's policies on climate change and human rights, and work closely with the global community to tackle poverty and injustice. None of it will be possible without sustained global citizen engagement -- change won't happen overnight, and it won't happen without great effort. But let's share this moment together, and talk about how to engage and influence this new and listening president.
Obama's inauguration is not just important as a symbol of hope -- it signals the possibilities of a people-powered movement. Left to the bureaucracy of government and the pressures of conservatives, many of our highest goals risk failure. At AVAAZ.org, we can avoid the TV station's talking heads, listen to the next President of the United States set out his statement of intent and comment purposefully with fellow Avaaz members around the world:

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday,
Brett, Pascal, Paula, Ricken, Graziela, Paul, Iain, Alice, Luis, Milena, Veronique, Ben and the entire Avaaz team.
PS: Tune in to avaaz.org for live event coverage commencing at 11am (EST) on Tuesday 20th January [2PM Rio, 5PM Geneva, 12AM (Wed) Hong Kong] and check in now to see the previews.

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