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Story of Stuff: goes international

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December 10, 2008


Dear Rui Pedro,

It's already been a year since we launched The Story of Stuff - a tour through our materials economy that became an internet viral sensation. Now we've got something new to celebrate the birthday of a short film that became a movement!

The Story of Stuff is going international and multi-lingual:


Four and a half million English speakers have seen The Story of Stuff, but until now, the rest of the world has been left in the dark. Well, we heard from the rest of the world with thousands of offers from volunteers to translate the movie. We took them up on their offer, and now you can give your international friends the best holiday gift of all: the gift of knowledge and hope for a sustainable future.

There's no better time than the holidays to remind ourselves that happiness does not come from stuff, but from the riches of community connection and empathy for our planet and its living creatures. We hope you will get a little more happiness from sharing this message with your friends around the world: www.storyofstuff.com/international/

Happy Holidays from Story of Stuff. If you don't find your language, and would like to help translate, please email us at: sostranslations@gmail.com
"Subject line: Offer to translate: your language"

Or for general enquiries:  storyofstuff@gmail.com

The 25 countries with the highest numbers of online viewers are listed below, with the number of views recorded in each.
1.    United States     2,627,202
2.    Canada     600,312                 
3.    United Kingdom     135,477                 
4.    Australia     100,454                 
5.    Mexico     98,384                 
6.    Germany     95,794                 
7.    Israel     84,897                 
8.    Brazil     83,037                 
9.    India     66,330                 
10.    Spain     60,624                 
11.    Portugal     46,427                 
12.    France     45,422                 
13.    Netherlands     43,971                 
14.    Romania     43,891                 
15.    Argentina     33,352                 
16.    Sweden     32,500                 
17.    Italy     31,648                 
18.    Singapore     27,105                 
19.    Turkey     24,746                 
20.    New Zealand     23,045                 
21.    Colombia     22,147                 
22.    Switzerland     21,673                 
23.    Belgium     19,927                 
24.    Austria     19,147                 
25.    Greece     17,086                 

The SoS Team

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