sexta-feira, janeiro 15, 2010

Haiti Tragety- An appeal from PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

It is with deepest regret that I have seen the news of the Haiti quake unfold.

The poorest country in Latin America is facing yet another human tragedy with an earthquake leaving thousands dead in the impoverished nation. The PES expresses its full solidarity and empathy with the people of Haiti.

The devastation caused by this major quake has found national rescue operations overwhelmed in managing the consequences of this disaster. Tens of thousands could be dead with up to three million people affected by this shocking event. Buildings and infrastructure have suffered extensive damage. Basic services including water and electricity have been suspended or are only available in short supply. Normal communications have been cut off and transportation is rendered extremely precarious.

The humanitarian catastrophe has triggered prompt reactions from the international community. Haiti is in desperate need of reconnaissance and rescue teams, tents, water purification units and food. There is no time to waste for response. We must show our full solidarity to the Haitian people. This is why the PES supports the Solidarity fund set up by the European NGO Solidar. The PES calls on those willing to help Haiti with a contribution to take part in Solidar’s effort.

In order to respond to this horrifying tragedy, Solidar has launched a relief initiative with a Haiti emergency fund. I invite you to take part in this effort if you can. To help Haiti with a contribution in this moment of desperate need please see for information on how to donate.

I thank you in advance for giving this letter the attention it deserves because your solidarity counts!

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

Party of European Socialists

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